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Rock Formation


A little mind secret to help you reduce stress, and turn up being your best self for life’s important moments - without expensive programs, intensive therapy or dangerous drugs.

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20 minutes

To help you deal with those small moments, when you feel anxious and overwhelmed. 

You see, feeling stuck, getting upset with ourselves, berating or belittling ourselves, or even those we love or work with - doesn’t help. It only speeds up the downward spiral. We’ve all been there.

Instead of facing it alone, allow yourself to be supported. Within 20 minutes, you will feel the shift from internal chaos to confident calm. Full refund if you feel otherwise. 


Human head and brain.Artificial Intellig


60 minutes

Establish a deeper connection with your SuperConscious (SC) and familiarize your SC with the mind  coaching method, to treat and neutralize beliefs, emotions and memories. You'll be guided to identify a goal or issue to work on. 

This is a compulsory session for anyone who wants to journey on with us with Intention-based mind coaching, best suited when you are going through personal challenges feeling lack of clarity and direction.


Therapy Session


up to 90 minutes

Feel a recurring emotional discomfort associated to certain events, people, situations? Set your intention to overcome this.

We hold the space for you to be with yourself, and tap into the power of the SuperConscious to rewire the brain. The session empowers  you to make the  changes most meaningful to you and your dreams. Contact us for more info on Package offers if you wish to sign up for multiple sessions.  


Have a question? Drop us a message and we'll call you back.

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