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Parental Wellbeing Circle

I was reading a book about parenting and it's astonishing to me that - things the book advises us parents to do for our children are things most adults still struggle with , including myself

  • Be happier, healthier and more fully ourselves

  • How to deal with painful moments from the past by shining light of understanding on them, so they can be addressed in a gentle, conscious and intentional way.

  • Have the capacity to pause & reflect on our own state of mind.

  • Make choices that give us control over how we feel and how we respond to our world.

  • Gain happiness & fulfillment that result from being connected to others, while still maintaining a unique identity

I wonder how parents can authentically teach kids when we struggle with those ourselves

If you, like me, are a parent who wishes to do the above for your child, there's no better start than working on ourselves first.

Join me on this journey.

I am offering a free subscription for weekly dose of parenting anecdotes and mind management tips for parents. Send me a message to join.

For those of you who are committed to becoming whole ourselves so that our children can naturally be whole themselves, you may sign up for the 3-month Parental Wellbeing Circle programme, which includes:

- 3 group coaching sessions (live on zoom)

- weekly checkin and exclusive sharing

- 1-1 online support

Contact me for more details.

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