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Hello, I'm Janny. I'm the founder of jitters.SG, and a Certified MAP Mind Wellness Practitioner, specializing in anxiety coach.


Most importantly, I’m a normal person like you, with hopes, dreams, and feelings, with a life of my own, having worked in corporate life for many years, and now settled down with a husband, two daughters, and home.


I started wondering why I felt alone or overwhelmed in crucial moments in my life. I almost quit jobs hastily, and my husband and I almost called it quits many times. I also wondered why I did not have the confidence to negotiate for the things at work and life that I truly felt I deserved.

Not only did it not get me what I wanted… I started feeling unfair, angry, resentful, even at myself. I noticed the toll it had not just at work, but my own self esteem and well being, and the dynamics at home.


Everything changed when I stumbled across the power of the SuperConscious. I must thank all the teachers, coaches and peers that have guided me this way. In some way, I know that this must have guided us to meet, here and now too.

Working with the SuperConscious was the easiest thing I found I could do. Forcing and pushing myself felt like pushing a huge rock boulder up a hill. When I activated my SuperConscious, nothing was forced, I floated around with a smile, like a breeze. And things changed.


I got more confident at work and stood up for what I believed in - without putting people down.

I got aware of self-love and self-care, so I started taking care more of myself, including my physical needs and emotional needs and me time. I started breaking down less.

I benefited from a closer relationship with my husband - where we were able to start communicating on a deeper, more intimate, emotional, truthful level.

I even helped my husband with his own anxieties for his important presentations and meetings for work!


I knew that this is something I needed to help so many people with - so that they could get what they wanted in life, without struggle, without forcing themselves or scolding themselves.


Because, truly, we are worth it.


This is why, after keeping this a secret to my family and friends - I decided to share this with you, and with the world. You are worth it. Your hopes, dreams, aspirations, how you truly want to feel and be - they are valid and you deserve it, truly.


If you feel compelled to have a chat with me - please just click below and we will arrange a chat. Especially if it is urgent, like you have a job interview in a few days - please do it fast, and I have a special discount for the first session, and a money-back guarantee if there is no improvement.


Sending lots of love and hope to you,


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