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Chaos to Calm

When you feel alone, when the stakes are high, and when you don't feel up to it... Instead of facing it alone, putting on a fake smile, and forcing yourself through it - There's a simple, fast, and effective way of turning your internal chaos to confident calm, leveraging neuroscience and the power of the subconscious.

How We Help

Reduce Stress Anxiety

We use a neuroscience-based mind method to reduce stress anxiety. On average, participants go in with a Stress Level 8 and leave with a Stress Level 2, feeling calmer and more confident.

Be Your Best Self

Not knowing how to handle anxiety pulls down your performance and joy. Let us help you deal with your feelings and bring your best, complete self to every situation. 

Live Your Dreams

Imagine your heart's desires. Home, family, work, life. Don't restrict it to your imagination anymore - you have a powerful tool to confidently step towards your goals.


Our Method

Jitters.SG coaches use the MAP Method ™, leveraging the power of our biggest sleeping giant - our subconscious. We call it SuperConscious - because when we can connect to and activate it, it’s like a mountain moves for us.


You probably logically know that you have all the information and expertise you need to get what you want. There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing missing from you - you are complete, and you are enough. When you activate your SuperConscious, it’s like using a touch of your finger, and suddenly we can walk through our trials like a light, spring, breeze, effortlessly, with ease and calm.


The method is based on scientific studies about leveraging neuroscience to calm the mind and create change in the brain. It is based strongly on the re-consolidation of memories process. The process is fast, effective and respectful. We combine this with other mindfulness tools to make every session a unique experiential mind journey, customized to your your current state and emotions.


It is so easy it’s like having a simple conversation where you put in no effort - yet walk away feeling completely different - or you get your money back, no questions asked. It can be done anywhere, any time, and within a short, private, personal session.

It is the best gift to yourself when you feel overwhelmed, and when you need all of yourself to come together, and turn up.


From stage-fright, to confidence.

From frozen, to flowing.

From overwhelmed, to ‘I’ve got this’.

From chaos, to calm.


Calm your jitters, now. It only takes 20 minutes.

How It Works


Click to schedule your session

Take this first step to commit yourself to change and be your best for life's important moments


Decide what you want to work on

For example, "I am anxious about my job interview."

"I want to do well in my management board presentation next week."


Find a quiet space for the session

Make sure you have your undivided attention for the session, free from distractions. Close all notifications, devices, and other matters during the session.


Allow yourself to commit

The first step is believing that your issue can be improved or resolved , and the commitment to allow yourself to do it and get out of your own way!


Allow me to help

Have a conversation with me and allow your Super Conscious to do the heavy lifting in the background. The 20 -minute session feels like  a combination of a simple conversation between close friends  and a guided meditation.


Come out feeling ready

Walk out of the session regaining confidence, with a calmer mind and deeper self-connection, to be your best self for your important moment!

Woman at Subway

What could happen if you were perfectly calm, confident and be your best self, in every single moment of your life, that truly mattered? Could you get the dream job? That promotion? More pay? That deal you wanted? The life you desire? Make that choice, to connect with your best self today. 

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